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Spiritual Life

Biblically-based messages and teachings for spiritual growth.


Unleash Your Potential Experience | 90-Day Challenge

Are you living a fulfilled life? Are you being the best person you can be? Are you living up to your full potential? Are you happy where you’re going in life? Do you know your purpose in life? These are important questions that we should all be able to answer affirmatively. Unfortunately, most of us are unsure about ourselves and many areas of our lives to answer these questions confidently. Before you make another major decision in your life, discover what it means to become the best you to unleash your God-given potential. Learn the keys and principles to reinvent yourself to become the best you in times of uncertainty and challenge.



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Share It Wear It

Share testimonies of your transformation to help and inspire others. Wear inspirational threads to motivate and encourage others.

My Purpose Project

Our social development project to inspire positive change for social good.

BF Cares Program

Our social consciousness program to raise awareness about the importance of each and every person having an opportunity to fully realize his or her potential.