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Dynamic Mastermind

Bruce Francois is a dynamic mastermind who brings new meaning to inspiration. Whether it is speaking behind a podium, teaching through his books, courses, messages, and workshops or leading efforts to develop programs and solutions to solve social issues, Bruce Francois masterfully uses his array of gifts, ideas, and experiences to inspire others to realize and maximize their potential. He is a social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, mentor, business and technology strategist, but those roles don’t tell the whole story. Bruce Francois is a man on a mission and never tires of using his energies to transform today’s generation into purpose-driven achievers, leaders and influencers. His passion is coming alongside others and empowering them to unleash a meaningful purpose in the world that is true to them and beneficial to others. Bruce’s unique message cuts across social, cultural, corporate, and denominational barriers. He loves using his wisdom, knowledge, experience, and scientific background to strengthen how he inspires, mentors, guides, and empowers others to cultivate purposeful living. 

Purposeful Leader

Visionary with a Heart for Others

Over the past two decades, Bruce Francois has dedicated his life to help create solutions and experiences that bring happiness and improvement to the lives of others. He is an experienced leader and a visionary with a strong solution-oriented acumen. He was a Principal Information Technology architect and engineer at The Walt Disney Company for almost fifteen years where he helped plan and develop technology to create magical experiences for guests. Since then, Bruce has expanded his focus from planning technology initiatives to innovating personal growth and social development experiences to help lead people to their destiny. Bruce believes that we all can achieve authentic fulfillment in our destiny when we actualize our potential by discovering and operating in our purpose. He is the CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer of Bruce Francois, Inc. (BRUCE FRANCOIS), a social enterprise that helps individuals actualize their full potential. In 2016, Bruce Francois founded myPurpose NETWORK, a non-profit organization in Orlando Florida, that provides community resources to help individuals discover and experience their purpose in life. He is the author of the book: “Become the Best You: 10 Keys and 70+ Principles to Unleash Your Potential.”

Faith-based Influencer

Inspiration Ambassador

One of the biggest life-changing moments for Bruce that he credits to his faith was when he discovered his purpose in life and realized his true God-given potential. His discovery has laid the foundation for him to become a rising faith-based influencer. Bruce seizes every opportunity to share testimonies and good news of God's redeeming work in his life to help others experience the joy and freedom of living in their purpose. He considers everything he does to help others as part of his overall ministry of service, but he created and organized Bruce Francois Ministries as a way to formalize his Christian evangelistic service to help grow and equip church communities to thrive in the 21st century. Bruce Francois Ministries is not your traditional Christian-based ministry; it is a transformative ministry that uses social development programming and outreach to strengthen traditional Christian ministry work. Bruce’s innovative approach is changing the way ministry work and experiences are delivered to change and improve lives. He believes and lives by his coined adage: “when you change a life, you save a life; and when you save a life, you create an opportunity to change and save many more lives”.

Inspiration for Good

How Bruce Makes Impact

There is no greater mission or higher goal for Bruce than to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Bruce’s purpose in life is to inspire and empower others to realize and maximize their potential. All of his products, resources, experiences, and community kindness efforts are designed to help and support others fulfill their purpose in life.

Bruce is committed to social good. In 2019, Bruce made a legal commitment to work toward maximizing positive social impact when he founded BRUCE FRANCOIS. BRUCE FRANCOIS is a social purpose corporation (SPC) with a purpose to inspire, enable and equip individuals to actualize their full potential.

Bruce believes “purpose” is the key building blocks for truly realizing and maximizing one’s full potential, and that the success of society is linked to the well-being of each and every person. As a social entrepreneur, Bruce creates and champions personal and social development solutions that transform individuals positively and help remove barriers so they can journey toward their dreams with confidence, dignity and fulfillment. Each social development project is strategically connected to the overall mission of BRUCE FRANCOIS and is designed to address specific social needs and community opportunities for its targeted service population.
One of the best ways to change the world is to foster a culture of community kindness. And one of best ways to foster a culture of community kindness is to make meaningful contributions in the community. Bruce is dedicated to making meaningful contributions in the community and he believes in everyone growing to help and helping to grow. Bruce operates his community kindness efforts through his BF Cares program. BF Cares is a Social Consciousness program within BRUCE FRANCOIS that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of each and every person having an opportunity to fully realize his or her God-given potential. BF Cares promotes making positive impact through: