Happy Father's Day to all Purposely Made Dads

Fathers are special gifts from God with a unique charge for Divine Active Duty, or what I call being a DAD. Being a DAD is about being Dedicated And Devoted to protecting, guiding, providing, and forgiving God’s children whether they were birthed from a father’s seed or not. It is a duty of divine service and honor. By being a DAD, fathers protect with their presence and their prayers, they guide with their wisdom and their teachings, they provide unconditional love and support, and they forgive with their words, actions, and deeds. In the real sense, fathers were purposely made to reflect the promises of our Heavenly Father to always love, guide, Defend And Develop His children.

To all the fathers who have paved the way, the ones who continue to lead the way, and the ones who accept the charge, duty, and commitment of being a DAD—Happy Father’s Day!

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