My Purpose: Become the Best You

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Are you living a fulfilled life? Are you being the best person you can be? Are you living up to your full potential? Are you happy where you’re going in life? Do you know your purpose in life? These are important questions that we should all be able to answer affirmatively. Unfortunately, most of us are unsure about ourselves and many areas of our lives to answer these questions confidently. Before you make another major decision in your life, discover what it means to become the best you to unleash your God-given potential.

In My Purpose: Become the Best You . . . Bruce Francois, engineer turned social entrepreneur, takes readers into an ontological journey of what it means to find true purpose in life. Through an engineering lens, Francois dissects and distills life to discover purpose while uniquely integrating wisdom, thoughtful science and deep spirituality along the way. He empowers readers to fully process their life struggles, become aware by better understanding themselves and all that is around them, strengthen their belief, discover their purpose and passions, deploy themselves for their unique mission, and ultimately make a meaningful mark on the world. Readers will be inspired to dive into the enjoyment and expansiveness of discovering and operating in their purpose—to experience the freedom of what it means to authentically live, joyfully serve, and experience a deep sense of meaning in life.

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Workbook — My Purpose Workbook: Become the Best You


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Book Releases on: March 23, 2020


Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel
Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel 3 years ago "My Purpose, Become the Best You" is an intricate blend of self-excavation, reflection, organization of thought and a healthy dose of inspiration, all... Show more
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