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The Ultimate Transformation Experience

Are you tired of feeling stuck and repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

Are you in transition or looking for a change but not sure where to start or how to do it?

Do you want to learn how to reinvent yourself for a purposeful and fulfilling quality of life?

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4.00 PM - 6.00 PM EST

March 6, 2021

4.00 PM - 6.00 PM EST

June 12, 2021

4.00 PM - 6.00 PM EST

September 18, 2021

4.00 PM - 6.00 PM EST

February 5, 2022

About This Event

Personal development reimagined with a touch of REAL. Join REAL, Be REAL, Leave REAL.

Unleash Your Potential is an immersive personal development experience that will help you unlock your power within for an authentic quality of life. Unlike other personal development plans that focus on personal growth activities that help you achieve the happiness you seek, Unleash Your Potential goes further to help you find purpose, fulfillment, and joy—happiness with everlasting peace. We believe that any pursuit of happiness that doesn't include a pathway towards achieving purpose, joy, and fulfillment is a missed opportunity for realizing our God-given potential. Unleash Your Potential experience enables you with the challenge, tools, resources, and knowledge to help you process your life struggles, strengthen your belief, discover your purpose and passions, deploy yourself for your unique mission, and ultimately make a meaningful mark on the world.


Positive, encouraging, and uplifting music, storytelling, and keynote messages to inspire you for action.


Tools, insights, resources, and knowledge for spiritual, physical and mental growth. Life skills for self-identity, relationship, and career improvement.


Virtual, interactive activities and reflections for personal growth.